All Items In Stock

Are you sick of ordering “in stock” products only to told a month later they are not in stock? Or with ordering a product that takes six weeks to make, only to be waiting, six months later, with neither your product nor the hard earned cash you paid for it? Well, so are we. For this reason Make Your Own Medieval is committed to only selling in stock products. With the exception of products listed as "out of stock", all products displayed on our website are in stock and available for immediate shipment from Brisbane, Australia. Limited Quantities apply. In the event that due to human or technical error an out of stock item is sold then we will contact you within 48 hours of you placing your order.

For products, such as shoes, that have many variants such as size and colour, all sizes and colours may not be in stock however when you select an out of stock variant the website will display “sorry, this item is out of stock” and cannot be added to the shopping cart. 

If we accept a special order then we will not accept payment until we have the items ready for delivery.