Hand-and-a-Half Sword Functional Re-enactment Combat Sword c.1390- c.1575

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This style of Medieval sword is identified by the historian Ewart Oakeshott as sword type XVa in the book Records of the Medieval sword (pg 143). This style of sword is estimated to have been in use between the late 14th to early 16th century.  Oakeshott, in the book The Sword in The Age of Chivalry identifies this pommel type as T5. This style of pear shaped pommel can be seen as early as 1390 in an image of the Count of Evreux Pierre de Navarre and in 1415 in the brass of Sir John Peyrent. A similar sword with a slightly flatter pommel is held by the Wallace museum (item A474  European Armoury I) and is estimated to have been made in 1450.

Made from high carbon EN45 steel and tempered to a hardness 52-55, this is a functional re-enactment combat sword. The tang is one piece, unwelded and peened over at the pommel. The sword measures 117cm with a blade length of 90cm. The hilt is 23cm is width, the blade is 4.5cm wide at the hilt with a striking edge of 3mm. The approximate weight of the sword is 1.7kg.

The sword Includes a leather scabbard with belt which can be worn wrapped once or twice around the waist. The full length of the belt is 225cm in length. We also sell a wide range of buckles to customise the belt included with the sword.

Please note, this sword is longer than the maximum parcel length which Australia Post allows. As a result, the sword will be posted within Australia via courier. Unfortunately, we can not ship this sword internationally outside of Australia.