Medieval Leather Thong Fastening Boot -Black

Make Your Own Medieval



Prior to the 12th century shoes commonly fastened with either toggles or leather ties.

After the 12th century the wealth of the individual dictated the fastening of the shoe.

Metal was expensive and only the wealthier classes could afford to wear buckles on their shoes.   

Based on archaeological finds, buckles on shoes appear to have become more common later in the 14th and 15th century.

This shoe was designed by us based on feedback we received from reenactors and is considerably higher quality than other mass made shoes currently on the market. Each of these shoes is made of 7.5oz (3mm) quality leather which is supple and soft. To add extra durability and comfort for the wearer this reproduction features a 5mm thick sole which is nailed. 

To better protect the nails in the shoes from high humidity and wet Australian conditions our newest batches of shoes have two extra layers of galvanized anti rust paint applied to the nails. After the nails are hammered into the shoes the exposed nail heads are hand painted with another two layers of galvanized coating to better protect the nails from rust and moisture.

Leather will absorb moisture from the ground and sweat so it is important to make sure the shoes are dry after use. Residual moisture will increase the chance of the shoes going moldy or the nails rusting.

This style of shoe was worn for a wide historical period from the dark ages to renaissance and is suitable for Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Medieval, Tudor and renaissance personas and dark ages clothing.

Perfect for re-enactment, LARP, historical costuming and SCA. 

Available in men's sizes 9,10,11,12 & 13.