Roman Imperial Gallic Type G Helm (20 Gauge) 1st-2nd century.

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This helm is based on a Roman extant artefact found in the Rhine River at Mainz-Weisenau and currently exhibited in the museum of Worms Germany called the Roman Imperial Gallic Type G Helm. This style of helm is regarded as the most typical mid-first century legionary helmet and would have been in use during the Celtic Boudican revolt of AD61 based on fragments found in rubbish pits at Colchester (now on displayed at the Colchester Castle Museum). The use of this style of helm appears to have continued in use into the early 2nd century AD.

The term "Imperial helmet" was coined by H. Russell Robinson who identified two styles of helm the Gallic and Italic based on location of manufacture. It is believed that the Imperial Gallic style helmets were made by Celtic craftsmen in Gaul and the Imperial Italic helm style in Italy. Originally derived from Celtic helm designs, the Imperial Gallic helmet had additional features added, such as a sloped neck guard, ribbed nape, projecting ear guards and decorative bosses.

This helm is made from 20 gauge steel and features many decorative brass accents and as well as tall removable crest made from real horse hair which is dyed red.

The helm internal circumference of the helm is 64cm. The helm as has an adjustable leather suspension liner with a buckle and strap to fit the wearer.

For re-enactment combat we recommend 14 gauge helmets.

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