LARP Cuirass with Back Plate - Fantasy Armour

Make Your Own Medieval

$160.00 AUD $399.95 AUD


Need to raise your HP in your LARP game for a reasonable price? This fantasy cuirass with back plate provides a value for money hit point boost. Made from 18 gauge steel the breastplate and back plate features a gorget and plackart which is connected by leather. The cuirass has quality leather straps with buckles which are securely riveted for durability. The straps are adjustable allowing for a better fit on the wearer.

Available in the following chest sizes: 
MEDIUM best fits a chest 94cm to 104cm (measured across the front of the chest 54 cm )
LARGE / best fits a chest 105cm to 115cm (measured across the front of the chest 60 cm )
XL / best fits a chest 116cm to 126cm (measured across the front of the chest 66 cm )

Please remember to take into account the size of your chainmail or gambeson when ordering.

Spaulders, sword and other clothing are not included.

A Lord of Battles product