Linen Thread on Wooden Reel - Medium

Make Your Own Medieval

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A stitch in time saves nine! Don’t wait until after the event to mend that tear, whip out your reproduction needle and fix it now! With our wooden spools there’s no need to hide your modern plastic spool away; Make your mending, sewing, stitching and embroidery part of the show.

 Our linen thread comes on a wooden spool that fits right into your medieval or renaissance historical sewing kit. Even our most coarse thread is lighter-weight than you typically find at general sewing stores and comes in four weights. So, whether you’re hemming a gauze veil or sewing a thick wool, we have a thread weight that will suit. Because of the nature of this linen thread you will find the occasional slub which adds to the charm of the natural product. We recommend waxing your thread with beeswax before use.

This spool comes with 50 metres of medium weight linen thread. The thread is a two-ply structure and most suitable for sewing seams on medium weight linen or wool, or for hemming heavier weight fabrics

 Our linen thread is also available in Very Fine, Fine and Coarse weight.

Topping up your re-enactment sewing kit for your next living history or SCA event? We also sell Needles and Beeswax to use with your linen thread