Medieval 14th / 15th Century Belt - Red Veg Tan Leather

Make Your Own Medieval

$64.95 AUD 


A Medieval leather belt 2.1 cm wide and approximately 160 cm long made from red veg tan leather. The belt features a sleek but sturdy buckle and strapend made from 100% brass which is securely riveted. The buckle and strap end are reproductions of an archaeological find dated to the late 14th century found in London at the Billingsgate Lorry Park, watching brief site (buckle find 326 and strap end find 675). This buckle can be found on page 81, figure 326 and the strapend page 144, figure 675 in the book Dress Accessories 1150-1450: Medieval Finds from Excavations in London by Geoff Egan and Frances Pritchard. The length of the belt is decorated with 40 flower belt mounts fitted with domed rivets. 

Single looped belt buckles were the most common type in use during the 13th and 14th century, however, they were gradually replaced by double loop, spectacle buckles in the 15th century. By the 17th century spectacle, double loop buckles completely replaced single looped buckles on personal dress.

This style of buckle and strap end is most suitable for 14th to early 15th century re-enactment clothing and costume 

This Belt has some holes pre-cut into it, however depending on your size you may need to add some more holes. If you would like us to stamp several holes in the belt please let us know how far the holes should be from the buckle end of the belt and we can stamp them for you. 

Make Your Own Medieval believes in sustainable environmental practices and we are actively moving away from chrome tanned leather to veg tan leather products which are less damaging to the environment. Vegetable tan leather also has a higher durability, strength and better colour and tone than chrome tanned leather.