Chain Mail Hauberk. Round Riveted Blackened Rings 9mm 18g

Make Your Own Medieval

$574.95 AUD 


Make your own Viking or Medieval experience with this full sleeve round riveted chainmail Haubergeon made from 18 gauge wire. The rings are 9 mm in size and assembled in a 4 in 1 pattern with alternating solid rings for extra durability. The rings are oil blackened to improve corrosion resistance. 

For the best fit, please ensure you are wearing all protective clothing and padding before taking measurements. This product is manufactured by Lord of Battles who support fair working conditions and equal employment opportunities for women. We recommend purchasing a size at least six inches larger than your measured chest size. Other clothing items show in photo are available seperately

These measurements are taken when the item is stretched in the measured direction.

S 40"
M 46"
L 52"
XL 58"
XXL 64"


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