Lobster Tailed Harquebusier Cavalry Pot Helm - 18g

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This helm is a reproduction of a helm held by the Royal Armoury museum at Leeds in the United Kingdom (Leeds, War Gallery Object Number IV.547) and is estimated to have been made in 1645. This style of helm is often called a lobster-tailed pot helmet due to the distinctive neck protection. Also known as a zischägge, horseman's pot and harquebusier's pot helm, helms of this style were developed from earlier 16th century Ottoman Turkish helms and were used on European battle fields from approximately the early 17th century to 18th century.  

Helms of this style saw wide spread use during the Thirty Years War (1618 and 1648) and English Civil war (1642–1651). Similar helmets known as szyszak were also worn by Polish winged hussars in the 17th century. This style of helm is most often associated harquebusier cavalry which was a type of cavalry which carried a firearm called a harquebus or pistol as well as a sword. This allowed the harquebusiers to fire a volley before or after closing with the sword. The three-barred face protection, comb on the skull and hinged cheekpiece served to protect the face from the swords of opposing cavalry

The helmet has a leather lining suspension which is securely riveted with chin strap that can be adjusted to better fit the wearer. The interior is blackened to improve corrosion resistance. The helm has a circumference of 68cm which enables the wearer to also fit a suitable padded coif or cap. The helm is made from 18 Gauge steel

This helm is most suitable for 16th to 17th living history and re-enactment impressions. For living history combat we recommend 14 gauge.

Wooden helmet stand shown available separately.

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