Ale Horn Drinking / Dice Cup with Star Design

Make Your Own Medieval

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Be the envy of your Viking, LARP or SCA group with this ale horn cup made from cow horn. Take a chance or quench your thirst, this horn drinking cup is also perfect for use as a dice cup. 

This horn cup features a decorative star effect so when you are done feasting your cup will make a nice show piece due to the unique natural contours and colours of the cow horn.

Each ale cup is hand made from a single piece of cow horn which is cut to shape and a wooden base is added. Every horn is unique due to both the natural variations in horns and the handmade quality. All horns are water proof, smoothly polished and finished with a food safe epoxy. 

Cups range in size between 12.7cm to 15.24cm (5” to 6” inches) in height.

Great for Viking, Celtic, Pagan, medieval or renaissance themed weddings and parties.