Aluminium Coif – Flat Riveted 10mm 16G Rings

Make Your Own Medieval

$62.95 AUD 


Want the look but not the weight of steel armour? Than this coif made aluminium rings could be a great alternative. Great for LARP, theatre, cosplay and movie productions were weight and fatigue are a factor. Aluminium chainmail is approximately one third the weight of mild steel making it a suitable alternative for long days on film sets, days out at Medieval fairs or costume parties.

This mail is made from flat 10mm 16-gauge rings which are riveted for durability with round domed head rivets. The aluminium rings have also been anodized which provides the rings with excellent resistance to corrosion and wear in the humid Australian environmental conditions. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the microscopic texture of the aluminium surface and the crystal structure of the metal near the surface. Consequently, the anodizing is fully integrated with the metal and cannot chip or peel.

The weight of this full-length coif is approximately 850grams which is distributed over the shoulder as well as head.