Adjustable Rapier Sword Baldric with Adjustable Scabbard

Make Your Own Medieval

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A baldric sword belt with an adjustable scabbard made from 3.5mm thick quality black leather. A baldric belt is traditionally worn over the shoulder across the chest over a frock or waistcoat to carry a sword. Baldric belts were worn by both the military and civilians throughout the 17th century.

Unlike some smaller sword holders on the market, this frog features nine buckles which can be adjusted to hold scabbards or LARP swords up to 6.5cm wide.

The buckle and O ring are made from 100% brass and the baldric is secured riveted with brass rivets.

Suitable for 17th and 18th-century historical clothing and costume impressions.

Great for your next SCA, LARP, cosplay, pirate, Medieval or Viking festival or event.